Accessibility matters

Positioning Wilfrid Laurier as a leader in accessible web design
At its best, the Internet offers unlimited access for everyone. Unfortunately, in many corners of the web, people with disabilities are often an afterthought. Even today, many websites feature visual and audible cues available only to fully abled-bodied visitors. For designers, this issue has led to a fascinating confluence of design, technology and accessibility practices that are changing the way we think about the web.

Promoting Access
As one of Canada’s premier universities, Wilfrid Laurier University wanted to position itself as a leader in the emerging world of web accessibility. To help, Intent was commissioned to write, design and produce a handbook reimagining the future of web design for large public sector organizations. Our team worked closely with the university to synthesize their knowledge, and promote the emerging principles of effective, inclusive design – something many organizations and designers have not yet discovered.

A roadmap to an accessible future
The 72-page manual we created offers a comprehensive roadmap to the future of accessible web design in Canada, and we hope, around the world. With the goal of expanding the handbook’s reach, a series of four accompanying videos were produced expanding on the main themes outlined by the book. You can view them here.

We’re immensely proud of to have been part of an initiative to open up the web for everyone. We’re also proud to report that the handbook has recently been recognized by the RGD So(cial) Good Awards.

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