INTENT Rebrands Kitchener Library


Gone are the days of the being “shhhhushed” while visiting dusty libraries. On May 27, 2014 Kitchener Public Library reopened its doors to an expanded and renovated 107,000 square foot Central Library that will become a municipal landmark for generations to come.

Along with a new central library, Sonia Lewis, library CEO decided it was perfect timing to also launch a new brand for this beloved community institution. A brand was required that would be in-step with the new inspirational, contemporary and dynamic library.



After participating in Intent’s “Only You” workshop, it became clear, Kitchener Public Library is so much more than borrowing books, music and movies. The library is a welcoming community hub; a place where all citizens of Kitchener are welcome regardless of wealth, status, or background. The library is a place where people are free to explore, learn and share, a place where community connects.

Intent created a bold new logo that more clearly embodied their bold new vision. A fresh new logo for an exciting new library. A symbol that is both recognizable and memorable. The symbol Intent created for the library was The Asterisk.


The Asterisk is a classic literary symbol that is an indication of more to come. It is a reminder to watch for something special, and is perfect symbol for the library, because Kitchener Public Library is always much more than you think. Books, music downloads, movies, yoga, teen programming, 3D printing, digital media lab, and much more, you can find it all at the library.

The Asterisk is a custom and unique symbol composed of three multi-coloured folded shapes, reinforcing the concept of the library as a welcoming community hub, a place where community connects.


Intent has also developed the brand for Kitchener Public Library including the new building’s exterior sign, library cards, name tags, book bags, stationery, InTouch magazine, brand standards manual and the innovative new self-checkout kiosks.

Project Team: Crystal Eagles, Project Manager; Ben Hagon, Creative Director; James Bisch, Senior Art Director and Lead Designer; Bill Watterson, Graphic Designer; Lesley Drago, Graphic Designer

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