Canadian Centre for Housing Rights

Rebrand and Website


The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) is Canada’s leading non-profit organization working to advance the right to housing. The organization’s previous name was lengthy (The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation) and their branding was dated. They wanted to ensure their branding (name, logo/colours, and overall story) would delight and inform their audiences. In addition, they wanted to ensure their information online is easily accessible, while clearly reflecting what they do and what they can offer to people living in Canada.


After engaging various stakeholders, including different levels of government, other organizations in the sector, and the community members CCHR serves, Intent identified common themes and insights to determine the strategy. 

Our strategy in launching the new brand was rooted in knowing that CCHR is a conscious brand; motivated to make positive change, purpose-driven, a collaborator, and believed in engaging people. The new name and brand needed to be clear, concise, modern and inspiring to all, while positioning CCHR as a leader in the sector. Importantly, CCHR’s focus is to continue to tell stories; delivering key messages through the stories of real-life experiences of the people they help, while proving its leadership in advocating for housing rights.


The New Name — Canadian Centre for Housing Rights
After extensive research and many iterations, we finalized the organization’s new name: Canadian Centre for Housing Rights. The name highlights the location and communities in which they serve and emphasizes their focus on housing rights. 

The New Logo and Brand
The new logo features an outline of a house which forms an apartment building within the inner shape, to accurately reflect the communities they serve. The colours selected for the new brand are inviting yet vibrant. We extended the identity out to brand guidelines, social media collateral, as well as stationery design (business cards, PowerPoint presentations, and letterhead).

The Website —

With the end user in mind, we redesigned and rebuilt the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights website. Accessibility and mobile-friendly use was top of mind when developing this website and our team ensured that the site architecture was easy to navigate. The website showcases the new brand and is a tool for raising awareness and providing support to CCHR’s major stakeholders.

The new name, website, and brand launched in Fall 2022 and was well received by the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights and their stakeholders. In addition, we launched on time and on budget.

You can visit the new site at

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