Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Setting the course for the next 10 years of cancer control in Canada


Since its launch in 2006, the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (the Strategy) has guided Canada’s progress in cancer control. The Partnership was requested by the federal Minister of Health to refresh and modernize the Strategy. Thousands of Canadians provided input through online and in-person consultations that took place in 2018. In 2019, the Partnership wrote the refreshed Strategy with input from key stakeholders.

The Partnership needed one of their approved vendors of record to design and produce an updated Strategy report to serve as the roadmap for cancer control in Canada for the next 10 years. They selected Intent as that partner.


Through extensive client consultations we learned that the key priorities for the project were:

  1. Equitable care for all Canadians
  2. Sustainable services for cancer care
  3. Person centred care
  4. Evidence-based decision making

Our design work was based around these key priorities.

In addition, we needed to be especially sensitive to showcasing Canadians from all walks of life, all races, and geographic locations. Particular emphasis was placed upon appropriately including indigenous communities.

The report needed to be digestible, accessible, and readable. We wanted to create a bright, well designed document that would be used across all levels of government, healthcare partners, researchers and policy makers, and many more audiences.


Intent designed a new, unique look for the Strategy that featured custom designed icons for each of the strategies priorities.

We designed a custom icon for each priority, which was used throughout the document and beyond into other strategy-related initiatives including a website.

We then continued with the theme by creating a custom colourful bubble design which carried on the circular theme from the icons. This bright and optimistic approach was paired with diverse representational imagery, plenty of white space, and highly legible typography that was both accessible and well type set.

The Strategy was produced in English and French. Copies were professionally printed, and we also created accessible PDF documents for use online.

“The Partnership has worked with the team at Intent as a pre-qualified vendor for three years and has been consistently impressed with the high-quality of their work and their ongoing commitment to their clients. Our work with Intent has spanned the spectrum of communications materials from annual reports, to strategic plans, to conference programs, to advertisement and website graphics to name just a few. Intent’s work on our annual report and the evolution of that product over time is one of our most notable and successful collaborations. In addition to a solid track record of completing projects on time and on budget, Intent can be counted on to go the extra mile when a project needs a boost or if a last minute request arises. I have full confidence that a project will be successful if Intent is at the table.”

Lesley Frey
Manager, Corporate Communications
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
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