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Feed Ontario

Provincial Communications Campaign


Feed Ontario unites food banks, industry partners, and local communities with the shared goal of ending hunger and poverty in our communities. Feed Ontario, member food banks, and other charities tackling hunger have seen a significant increase in public awareness and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the rise of support, there is still great confusion among the public about what food banks are and what they do. Intent has been engaged to help strategize, develop, and launch a provincial communications campaign that will distinguish itself and its network from other hunger relief organizations.


Our first step was our Listen phase—a research and discovery exercise to understand Feed Ontario as an organization, its clients and stakeholders, and to get a sense of how we could best engage with them throughout the campaign. As part of this phase, we facilitated a 90-minute kickoff discovery session, conducted a review of pre-existing documents and work Feed Ontario has done in the past. Once we consolidated our data, we developed a comprehensive communications plan that includes strategies for social media, public relations and digital marketing.


Intent developed all campaign assets including a campaign playbook, digital ads that leveraged custom photography, compelling video advertisements, and a digital toolkit being used by over 1200 member food banks across Ontario. Through our campaign, we’ve reached over 12 million Ontarians, increased landing page visits, and improved donation numbers. This is just the beginning as we move into our final phase of the campaign where we finalize our data and measure our successes to our objectives.


Feed Ontario Office Worker Poster
Feed Ontario Construction Worker Poster
Feed Ontario Outdoor Poster - Provincial Communications Campaign
Feed Ontario Child and Parent Poster - Provincial Communications Campaign
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