Ontario College of Family Physicians — Branding and Website

Established in 1954, the Ontario College of Physicians (OCFP) represents more than 13,500 family physicians across the province. They offer evidence-based education and professional development and are dedicated to fostering a health system that works better for all.

The OCFP’s existing brand featured a “traditional” nuclear family—man, woman and child—and needed an update to reflect a more modern, inclusive vision and image. The new brand also needed to position the organization as a trusted, professional thought leader. As part of the rollout, they also required an accessible new web experience that would consistently apply the new brand, and drastically improve functionality and performance for their valued members.

Starting with brand workshop and a series of stakeholder interviews, Intent worked closely with the internal project team to uncover and define the brand characteristics of a modern OCFP.

From there, we undertook an extensive logo design exploration that led to a hybrid symbol comprised of elements synonymous with “Ontario” and “physicians”—a trillium revealing a stethoscope. Any visual representation of “family” was left out to reflect the idea that there is no traditional definition of family in today’s world. We then created a full suite of stationery and collateral, launching a redesigned website at the same time to maximize the impact of the new brand.

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