Rainbow Health Ontario

Website design and development for Ontario’s hub for LGBT2SQ health information


Rainbow Health Ontario, a program of Sherbourne Health, creates opportunities for the healthcare system to better serve LGBT2SQ communities by improving access to relevant and appropriate care, building capacity, training healthcare providers, providing resources, acting as a research catalyst, and by hosting Canada’s largest LGBT2SQ health conference. They hired Intent to redesign and develop a website befitting such an important organization.


At our workshop with stakeholders, it was clear we needed to ensure we met the information needs of all audiences in a balanced way. We also knew we needed to find a way to organize a vast amount of content so users could easily find what they were looking for. We knew we needed to work closely with our client to build a thorough site map, audit the content, and determine the right technical solutions was key in this process.


In our discovery phase and site mapping process, we identified our five key audiences and information needs. This led to using a “I am a…” feature on the homepage so users can click on who they are to lead them to information that suits their needs. We also worked very closely with our technical partner to build search systems to specifically drill down based on the information our users are looking for, and to develop tools that make it very easy for users to either add in their profile information, download information or shop.

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