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Women Deserve Better Campaign

Project Overview 

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is a world leader in women’s health, health equity, and health systems
solutions. WCH advocates for health equity, knowing that a healthy society requires a level playing field where everyone has access to timely, high-quality, efficient, and compassionate care.  

WCH confronts gender inequities that threaten people’s health. Today, mental health is one of our greatest health concerns. And women are more deeply impacted than other patient populations. WCH is at the forefront of women’s mental health care and uniquely positioned to take a lead in revolutionizing research, treatment, and support for women with mental illness.  

WCHF worked with Intent to develop a fundraising and awareness campaign for mental health month (May) in 2024. 


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We wanted to utilize this dedicated month as an opportunity raise awareness for women’s mental health and highlight WCH’s leading role in uniquely closing the gap for women’s healthcare.   

WCH is the largest provider of mental health services for women in Canada—and the care provided touches a wide range of specific health concerns, including but not limited to menopause, trauma, substance abuse, post-partum depression, anxiety, psychiatry, psychology—including the biological and social issues that compound them.   

Intent was briefed to call attention to how women are impacted by mental health, what WCH is doing to solve for this urgent concern, and introduce the need for donations to support more work in this critical field.  


Building on the success of the We See Things Differently campaign, this “mini-campaign” focused on the timely issue of women’s mental health. However, we intentionally designed this campaign to be different, and standout from the We See Things Differently campaign. We chose to let our messaging tell the story, and utilized a starker and bolder visual look, with our subjects on black background (instead of on a vibrant WCHF branded colour background) with a WCHF pink gradient, instead of the colour bar over the eyes. 

We took this impactful look and paired it with headlines that highlighted the absurdity of the current situation and subheads that used real facts to make our point. 

We ran the campaign across digital, social, and billboards at Billy Bishop airport. 

This campaign was exceptionally successful, resulting in over seven million impressions, over 24,000 unique visitors to our campaign website, and most importantly, donations quadrupled year over year, compared to donations received in May 2023. 

Please check out the campaign here. 

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