St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation — Annual Report 2013


St. Mary’s General Hospital stands proud and tall on Queens Boulevard in Kitchener. Most citizens pass her without giving it a second thought, until that is, that they need her and the amazing work done within the hospital. For this year’s annual report we highlighted this fact with an iconic image and an oversize format. Inside the report are highlights of St. Mary’s is innovations and stories of how they are always there when we need them.


Custom photography and info graphics were utilized to help tell each story.


Telling the story of the geriatric nursing program at St. Mary’s.


Centre spread explains how many funds were raised this year and how that money contributed within hospital services and programs.

Project Team: Ben Hagon, Creative Director; Crystal Eagles, Project Manager; Bill Watterson, Designer/illustrator.

Healthcare communications, Annual report design, Infographics, Photography, Stewardship, Fundraising, Hospital Foundations, Ben Hagon, Kitchener-Waterloo, St. Mary’s General Hospital October 8, 2013.

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