Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Annual Report 2021/2022
Focused on the Future


As an approved vendor of record for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership), we’ve been honoured to help establish and maintain a high benchmark in the design of their annual reports and other flagship projects since 2015. Recently, an evolved and internally led shift in brand identity meant a fresh opportunity for Intent to apply the same elevated standard to this year’s document.

From a messaging standpoint, the layer of an unyielding pandemic had, in their own words, “… required real-time responsiveness from the Partnership in order to meet the needs of our partners and the needs of people with cancer, whose disease did not stop even as much of the world did.” Add to this, the Partnership’s steadfast commitment to its pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion in all they do, meant the report also had to be keenly reflective of that in an earnest way.


Given our ongoing history with the Partnership, and our role in helping to visually establish their 10-year Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control the year prior, Intent was uniquely positioned to internalize and adapt to both their new brand identity standards and the visual representation of the year’s important and timely messages.

We also wanted to create the document in a way that felt human, approachable, readable, and accessible for all levels of government, healthcare partners, researchers, policy makers, and many more audiences.


The 2021/22 Annual Report is a nod to our earlier Strategy work, while weaving all of  the crucial elements of the new brand identity standards into its design. Key data points are made prominent, along with iconography, to help punctuate and guide the absorption of information and aid in readability. The featured imagery is widely representative and diverse, while reflecting an awareness around the realities of the pandemic.

From beginning to end, the project ran smoothly. The final report was produced in English and French, and as accessible PDF documents for online distribution.

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