Women’s College Hospital Foundation

For Every Breast Campaign

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) needed new mammography and imaging equipment for their Breast Clinic. As a part of our Agency of Record partnership with Women’s College Hospital Foundation, Intent was asked to design and deploy an awareness campaign of a $2 million match being made by a private family foundation if the community could raise $2million, thus providing a total of $4 million to help bring these new machines to the hospital. This awareness campaign and the creative built for such would complement the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives for the new equipment.


We needed to hit multiple messages with both our concept and the individual ads. We had to ensure that each ad could stand alone and still tell a story—sometimes multiple stories. Our main message was that mammograms save lives and encourage women, particularly those from racialized or marginalized communities, where statistics show that preventative screening rates are low. Our creative strategy was to use iconic imagery that included the diverse people who require mammograms, which also underscores Women’s College Hospital’s focus on women and underserved populations, as well as a striking headline that would both boldly communicate the message and capture audience attention. The accompanying text would fill in the gaps between the various elements, while remaining short, punchy, and effective.


We created dramatic, bold ads that each spotlighted one person. The people featured in the ads represented historically marginalized communities, and highlighted WCH’s desire to provide equity in healthcare. Our tagline “For Every Breast” reinforced this notion: Women’s College Hospital serves and supports everyone.

We deployed this campaign on multiple fronts simultaneously: 

  • social media (organic and paid);
  • Newsprint;
  • Paid digital ads across curated channels; 
  • and internal hospital promotion. 

Our work complemented the efforts of WCHF’s internal fundraising specialists, who leveraged in-hospital promotions and direct mail efforts that greatly contributed to reaching our donation goal.

Our aim was to ensure full market coverage on platforms and in media that would be consumed by the Hospital’s donor base.


The For Every Breast campaign has seen 800,000 impressions for our digital ads on the Chatelaine website and over 3.6 million impressions in the print edition of the Toronto Star. Our social impressions were into the tens of thousands also. We are happy to say the Foundation reached its fundraising goal of $2,000,000 which has been matched by the family Foundation. These crucial funds will be utilized to upgrade mammography machines at Women’s College Hospital which are nearing the end of their natural lifespan, which in turn will be used to more effectively and efficiently screen women, leading to improved cancer outcomes.


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