CNIB Deafblind Community Services

I Can Choose
Awareness Campaign & Microsite Design


CNIB Deafblind Community Services (DBCS) offers a variety of services that allow members of the Deafblind community to better engage with the world around them. This year, they wanted to highlight the programs and people that makeup DBCS. We knew heading into this project that we needed to reach a wide audience and get the word out about DBCS services. Knowing that much of the Deafblind community didn’t know that services of this nature were available to them, we needed to create a campaign that reached a wide audience. It was important that we created a campaign that got the attention of both those inside and outside the Deafblind community so that these crucial services could gain some notoriety, and could be considered for support.


After interviewing DBCS clients, engaging stakeholders, and reviewing publications, we knew that highlighting stories of the deafblind community would be integral to reaching a wider audience. We reviewed how DBCS improved the lives of its clients and were blown away at the difference their services made. DBCS allowed their clients the ability to live with more autonomy; to choose when and how they interacted with their world.  With this in mind, along with firsthand stories and testimonials, we created a campaign around this idea of choice. ‘I Can Choose’ became not only the campaign title, but also its promise: CNIB Deafblind Community Services would increase access, independence, and choice for those in the Deafblind community. 


Our design is bright, optimistic, and focuses on DBCS clients. Those who are able to use DBCS services are the focus. Their stories are what makes this campaign—instead of focusing on the services provided by DBCS, we wanted to ensure that our audience knew exactly how beneficial these services were by getting to engage with clients themselves. Coupled with a focused media campaign, we designed social media and web designs with the aim of reaching the widest possible audience. We also highlighted those who work with DBCS with a staff recognition piece to highlight just how important their work is.

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