I’m Ready/J’agis



The I’m Ready campaign aims to implement, scale-up, and deliver low-barrier options for HIV self-testing in Canada. Their goal is to ensure that every Canadian has access to HIV testing and support, regardless of location. We came into this project knowing that the microsite had to explain the service, illustrate how to utilize it, and show users how easy the process could be. Tied in with a tight turnaround time, we joined this project with a visual direction already in place—both of which meant that we had to be diligent with our listening to the specific needs of our client to get it right the first time. We also knew that the program would grow over time, so we had to ensure that the design would accommodate growth in the future. 


It was clear that we needed to make the site design straightforward and easy to navigate. Though the program is relatively uncomplicated, we knew that if the user experienced any impediment to access, they would likely move on. We also knew that there was a significant stigma associated with HIV testing and that we needed to do our best to show visually that getting tested was the smart, sensible, and safe choice.


We first created a site with all relevant program information easily accessible to the user: how the program worked, and how they could get access. We also built out a ‘mega menu’ which allowed for program growth by leaving room for any number of additional menu dropdown items. We wanted the experience to be clear and clean for its users so opted for tidy fonts, bold images, and clear navigation. 


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