Ontario Public Service

An action plan to transform OPS for the future


The Ontario Public Service (OPS) is made up of over 60,000 public servants, working across a wide variety of roles. In recent years, they’ve seen public perception and expectations change. As a response, an Action Plan was developed in consultation with employees and external partners in order to better position the organization for the future. Having been a design partner for other impactful OPS reports, Intent was asked to design the OPS of the Future Action Plan and its supporting applications.


Feedback from OPS employees and external partners overwhelmingly supported a transformation of how they currently think, plan and work in order to deliver public services in new and more efficient ways. The idea of transformation would be key to our creative thinking.

It was also realized that the design would need to feel forward-looking, and create excitement for current public servants, prospective employees and the public.


There was a desire to follow some of the newly established visual language from our recent OPS designs. However, the OPS of the Future Action Plan also needed to stand out from those as it was a defining document for the organization. As the heart of the design, we created a stylized arrow, representing a renewed, forward-looking OPS. The arrow scales, transforms, and appears in a range of styles, demonstrating the new transformative vision created by a wide range of public servants. Beyond the Action Plan, the creative was also translated to other applications including posters and digital banners.

“The final product has been so well received and we couldn’t be happier.”

Melissa Stapley
Project Assistant, OPS of the Future Team
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