United For Literacy

Awareness Campaign


In Canada, there are misconceptions about literacy—our country is not as literate as one may think, with high rates of people in urban, rural and remote locations who need literacy support. 

During our consulting process, we learned:

  • 1 in 5 Canadians (17%) struggle with reading and writing.
  • Almost 20% of adults struggle with basic reading
  • Almost 50% struggle with long or complex information

Everyone deserves access to literacy and learning. United for Literacy is dedicated to making that possible. The organization offers free tailored programs for people of all ages and life stages to break down any barriers people are experiencing that impacts their ability to learn. However, not everyone—especially those who can benefit from these programs—know that this is available to them. This is what needs to change.


Intent was engaged to develop the strategy, implement, and analyze a national advertising campaign to increase awareness of, and enrollment in, free adult learning resources and programs for Canadians. We saw this as another opportunity to tell a larger story by positioning United for Literacy as a leader in the sector, highlighting the organization’s brand across Canada. 


We wanted real stories to be the main focal point of our creative campaign. Inspired by United for Literacy’s strategic messaging, we leveraged the organization’s brand manifesto — “Literacy changes everything” in combination with putting a spotlight on learner’s stories. We used a combination of paid advertising on relevant social media platforms, organic posting, and media relations.

Check out United for Literacy’s website here: https://www.unitedforliteracy.ca/


Our Awareness Campaign ran for approximately two months. In total, the campaign generated a total of over nine million impressions from our social media and public relations engagements. For our social media campaign, we had a total of 9,061 ad clicks and had a reach of 678,998 individuals at the end of our campaign. We’re happy to report our strategy, strong creative, and measurable impact led to a hugely successful campaign! 

Check out United for Literacy’s website here: https://www.unitedforliteracy.ca/

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