Impact reporting for international technology NGO


Ushahidi is a social enterprise that provides software, crowdsourcing tools and services to numerous sectors across the globe to improve and save lives. After 10 years Ushahidi wanted to showcase the impact of their work, however the vast amount of project stories; each with distinct objectives, complex processes and outcomes was a real challenge. Intent had to be strategic in writing and visually depicting the information in a clear, compelling way.


Our consulting process uncovered stories of global tragedies, violence, dramatic rescues and much more. While Ushahidi is not on the frontlines to solve these issues, they are creators of technology that makes saving and improving lives possible. The key objective for this project was providing clarity to what Ushahidi does, so that the end user understands the impact of this organization over the past 10 years.


A thorough interview and research process led the full development of the report’s content. Key was bringing content to life with visuals to help readers understand the process. To do this, Intent designed many custom infographics, diagrams, icons and data visualizations. The end result was a stunning, long form document that clearly articulated the global impact of Ushahidi. You can view the full report here:

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