Women’s College Hospital Foundation

We See Things Differently

Project Overview

Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF) is focused on raising funds for the life-changing work taking place at the hospital, including groundbreaking new women’s health research, clinical care that puts the unique needs of women and their families first, and innovations that create a stronger health system for everyone.

In Spring 2022, Since being awarded as  “agency of record”, Intent has been working closely with WCHF to create a campaign that will raise awareness about Women’s College Hospital (WCH) and their work to revolutionize healthcare in Canada.

We recently launched the “We See Things Differently” integrated communications campaign across print, out-of-home, digital, social, transit, and more, to raise awareness about WCH and their mission to revolutionize healthcare. WCH confronts gender and social inequities that threaten people’s health; they are bringing virtual care into the mainstream; and reimagining how healthcare services are delivered so they can help solve our health system’s most urgent issues and close the health gaps for all.


WCH does things differently. They see a future where healthcare is considered and delivered equitably no matter your background, wealth, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. Not only do they see this future, they are living it right now. WCH has developed programs, clinical studies, research initiatives, human resource policies, leadership structures, and much more to address critical gaps in our healthcare system.

Our campaign needed to deliver this broad yet impactful story to key audiences throughout Ontario, starting with the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We need the public to understand that WCH is not a maternity hospital, it is not an educational institution, it is not a women’s health clinic—WCH is a revolutionary healthcare institution that is focused on bringing equitable access to healthcare for those who are left on the margins, and face barriers to care. Examples include the Transition-Related Surgery Clinic, the Ganawishkadawe Centre for Wise Practices in Indigenous Health, Women’s Age Lab, Crossroads Clinic for Refugee Health, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC), and many other revolutionary clinics, programs and services.

We knew communicating this was a tall order, and so we needed a modular campaign that would be effective over the long-term to not only support our“umbrella” campaign but also several program specific campaigns.


The “WE SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY” campaign uses striking portrait photography of a wide range of people from WCH. Working closely with Toronto photographer Lorella Zanetti we photographed over 20 people, from a range of areas of focus, and at all levels of their organization.

To emphasize our campaign line, “We see things differently”, a brightly coloured band is used behind faces, extending a reveal of people’s full-colour eyes. 

This campaign has been applied to a standalone website, large mural advertisements in strategically selected subway stations, street banners, a paid social media campaign, strategically selected community advertisements, and in-hospital applications such as elevator wraps, and much more.

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